Open Source Software

Gonfalon Entertainment is powered by Free and Open Source Software

Blender is a multimedia workstation. Originally designed as a 3D modeler, it has evolved to include an Image editor, a Video editor, and a cross-platform Game Engine. The Blender Showcase bettter shows what it is capable of.

LibreOffice is a complete cross-platform office suite. The product of the Document Foundation, It includes a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet editor (Calc), a slideshow presentation editor (Impress), math formula writer (Math), a Database manager (Base), and a pdf editor (Draw). It is able to open, edit, and save to most mainstream file formats.
GIMP logo
The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a layer-based image manipulation tool. Part of the GNU Project, it is used for making logos, enhancing photos, drawing graphics, 2D animations, and many other things.

Kdenlive Logo
Kdenlive is a linear video editor. Part of the KDE Project, Kdenlive is is used to combine still images, video files, and audio files into single video files. It is Linux-only software.

Atom is an extremely customizable HTML/JavaScript/CSS editor created by the Open-Source hosting service GitHub. Designed to be "Hackable to the Core," it is built in HTML/JavaScript/CSS itself.

Ubuntu Logo

Ubuntu Linux is a Computer Operating System. The #3 most popular Desktop Operating System (behind Windows and Mac OSX), Ubuntu is a customized "distro" of the GNU Linux Operating System and financially backed by Canonical Ltd. There are two main versions and three main variants. The versions are Current, which is released every 6 months, and LTS, which is released every 2 years. The variants are Desktop (for general use), Server (for web servers), and Touch (still in development, for phones/tablets). Because it is free and open source software, there are hundreds of customized distros of Ubuntu. Two of the most popular are Mint and Elementary.