June 12, 2015

Around the World In 80 Days - Book Trailer

Book Trailer for Around the World In Eighty Days by Jules Verne.

Eccentric Millionaire Phileas Fogg makes a bet that he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. Trailed by a detective who suspects he is a bank robber, Fogg is faced with many obstacles that endanger his winning the bet.

Made completely in Computer Generated Imagery using Blender 3D software and Kdenlive Video editor on Ubuntu Linux OS.

Created for the Project Ed "Choose Your Adventure" Scholarship competition.

June 5, 2015

June Update

June Update from Gonfalon Entertainment

I have been working on modifying the Last Colony RTS Engine (github.com/adityaravishankar/last-colony/) into a RTT game. In Art Development stage right now.

However, my main focus this month will be a couple of short videos for the Project Ed Scholarship competitions (www.projected.com/contests).  I will be entering "Book Nerd Words," "SciFi Forever," "Standing the Test of Time," and "Choose Your Adventure." At the moment, I am looking at doing them completely as Blender 3D animations (www.blender.org).

Hope to get stuff completed and posted soon.